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    • I absolutely love this template and it’s beautifully designed. The designer even went out of her way to help me install and create header graphics and a logo! You guys you can not go wrong with this seller!!!! Keisey - Amanda Bankson Blogger Template
    • This was just what I was looking for! It's such a beautiful and elegant design. When I had trouble installing myself, Zoya helped so much and got it up and running for me in such a short time! I'm so impressed with the website and service! If this is what you are looking for, definitely go ahead and purchase! You won't regret it! Isabella - Amanda Bankson Blogger Template
    • Such a wonderful shop and owner. The design is gorgeous and the process was so smooth and simple. She could not have been easier to work with! I highly recommend this shop. I love my blog's new look. Thank YOU :) Happy Cuts Studio - Amanda Bankson Blogger Template
    • In 14 years of blogging, I’ve never engaged an IT professional for custom work on my Blogger blog. I got to know Zera via her professional support in a Facebook group for bloggers and reached out to make an enquiry. Zera has managed to exceed all of my hopes and expectations.
      She’s worked diligently to address all of my needs and design a template to fit with my style and blogging needs. She also diagnosed site problems I had no idea about and worked with me to fix them. She even went above and beyond and provided a one-on-one tutorial at no extra cost.
      I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the quality of Zera’s work and have no hesitation in recommending her services via BalkeniStudio. My only wish is that I took the plunge earlier. Don’t wait and worry like I did. Trust me, Zera will look after you. Tracey - Semi-Custom Blogger Template
    • Zera Zoya was lovely to work with! Very quick to respond, really helpful and great blog header as well. The Western Sydney Girl - Premade Blog Header
    • Great to work with. Very professional. Easy process and turnover time was quick. Will definitely use her again for any issues I have with my blog. Thank you Zera. Jorja Renee - Custom Recipe Index
    • I stressed over my website for ages! Finally got it nearly complete, except the mobile pages looked really tacky! In a snap, Zera fixed everything - and even improved on other areas of the website as well. I find her competent and professional, but the best part is her ability to suss out what I want and make it happen. A true joy to work with. Do yourself a favour and hire Zera! Jackie Rinehart - Website Customisations
    • Zoya is fantastic. She is more than capable to do all your social media posting and scheduling. Thank you for all your help x Claire Bullimore - Social Media Strategy, Content and Design
    • Definitely knows all the ins and outs of the technical side of blogging. I would hire her 100% to work on my blogspot blog. Quick and efficient. Saved my site from disaster! Kori - Custom Blogger Website Design + Development

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