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How Etsy Has Helped Me In My Blogging Journey

Published on: Tuesday, 11 October 2016 ✦ Updated on: 2019-05-17T14:55:42Z

how etsy helped me in my blogging journey

I first came across Etsy, as in, I got to know of its existence in 2014 and decided it was just one of those things I could live without.

Fast forward to 2016, I launched my blog in April this year after I decided that freelancing was still leaving me with a lot of free time on my hand. And I wasn't ready to take on more clients yet still wanted to do something productive in my free time.

After careful consideration, and keeping in mind the advice almost everyone gave to me, I decided to go with the blogger platform keeping in mind I might have to migrate to some other platform someday; as many others have — I didn't want to spend too much on a design.
But, I still wanted a clean and professional looking design.

And that's how I found Etsy for the second time, And when I searched for "Blogger Templates" Etsy had so much to offer!

how you can use etsy to help you in your blogging journey just like me

So I adjusted the filters in Etsy and kept my budget to a minimum. To my surprise, a seller was selling such clean designs for only $5.

I knew then that Etsy has something for everyone, no matter your budget, and I fell in love with the marketplace.  <3

My first purchase from Etsy made me fall in love with Etsy

My blogger template was the first purchase I ever made from Etsy; I purchased it from FearneCreativeDesign, and the name of the template is ORIANNA. And It was only $5.

Update: The price for this theme has now changed to $10.

orianna theme

I asked for the free installation that Eve M, the shop's owner offers. She was so helpful and quick to respond; I even ordered another template from her for my sister's blog.

Update May 2017: My sister decided to move to WIX as she felt that platform suited her blogging needs more.

In September, I wanted to have some changes made into my blog's theme and thought I would have to pay for it, to my surprise I was told that the themes come with support and she (the owner) never charged anything for it! 

Made me love Etsy even more.

Update October 2017: I do not use this theme on my blog anymore, instead I have a custom theme designed by me and developed by my team member Kate.

My second purchase from Etsy gave me a realization of the diversity of the marketplace

My first experience with Etsy was so great that it formed a trust, and I started exploring other things one can get on Etsy.

I was having difficulties in being productive, and after being advised to get a planner I thought, let's do it.  

So I searched 'Blog Planner' on Etsy, and it didn't fail me. There were so many options to choose from here as well. 

And I finally settled on this one from PlanningInspired.

Update: The price of this planner has changed to $10 now.

blog planner

Blog planners are perfect for helping you stay on track with your blogging goals, and have all your blog related information in one place.

The good thing about these printables is that once you download the file you can print it as many times you want, if you lose the file, just contact the Seller, and they usually provide it to you again, or you can download it from your purchases panel.

How Etsy has helped me as a blogger

I never thought to get a blogger design I liked would be so easy for and for my wallet. Etsy helped me set up my blog; it helped me get a blog planner so that I could plan more efficiently. 

And now, I'm considering buying some beautifully styled stock images from them, so that I can get my blog looking and feeling exactly the way I want. 

styled stock photography

Styled stock images are great especially if you want your blog to have a distinct yet professional feel to it.

And since it's Etsy, I know I'll find what I want, even if I'm on a budget.

Why Etsy is for you, no matter who you are

Like I mentioned before, and being totally unoriginal here, "There's an Etsy Shop for That."

So far, results have turned up for everything I searched for on Etsy, and that makes me glad.

Whether you're a small business owner, a lover looking to surprise your loved one, a mother homeschooling your child, I've seen Etsy have dedicated products for your need.

Everyone is unique, with different tastes and likings, and this Difference is what Makes Us Who We Are. Etsy understands that. 

And that is why I wanted to be a part of Etsy's DifferenceMakesUs Campaign.

If you're looking for something today, for anyone, or yourself, I say, give Etsy a chance. It won't disappoint you.

P.S.  you'll love the little Thank You notes people include when they send you your order.

Did I mention I run my own Etsy Shop as well?

You know now! Here's a special something in case you're starting your blog:
And you'll have your very own professional and distinct looking blog in just minutes without burning a hole in your wallet.

P.S. we both offer free installation :)


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