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10 Gifts Your Blogger Friends Would Love To Get!

Published on: Thursday, 1 December 2016 ✦ Updated on: 2019-05-17T14:55:42Z

10 gifts your blogger friends would love to get

It's here, the holiday season and I've put in a lot of effort to compile this gift guide especially for all of us bloggers and creative business owners out there.

If you've read my previous post about how I fell in love with Etsy, then you'll know I love shopping on Etsy because it is that one platform which truly cares for us "bloggers" and creative business owners.

Do you know why? Because Etsy is made of such small business owners, bloggers, creative business owners, etc.

gifts your blogger friend would love to get

I've seen so many bloggers and small business owners never tell their friends and family about this "side" hustle of theirs which they put a lot of time into until they become a happy and successful story.

But if you have been fortunate enough to be told about your friend's blog or small business, then you should try and help them out by getting a little creative with your holiday gifts this time and show them that you support their venture.

So if you know a blogger friend or a creative business owner, etc. then it's time to give them gifts that will help them take their blog and businesses to the next level, and trust me they'll thank you for it!

And you won't have to spend a fortune and break your savings either.

Wait... Why Can't I give my blogger friend a more common 'gift' item?

Actually, you can. You can give your friend whatever you want. And while it's really fun to get those funny mugs (I love funny mugs, and they make for great gifting items), but if someone gave me a gift and it helped me in my overall blogging journey, it would be special to me, and I'd always remember that.

It's like telling your friend that you know, understand and support them in everything they do. For example, your friends will help you through a lot in your life but your best friends go that extra mile for you, don't they?

And this is why I insist that if you have any blogger friends, you should consider buying these gifts this holiday season instead. 

A premium blog theme

With a lot, and by a lot I mean A LOT of bloggers out there it's getting harder and harder to get noticed. The competition is more than just stiff;  the big guys seem to have beautiful and professional looking blogs because they've spent a lot on their design.

It's not possible for a newbie blogger to be able to afford to spend thousands of dollars on a blog they're launching and get a custom design, in fact, most bloggers can't afford custom designs until their blogs start giving a decent ROI (Return on Investment).

So instead, why don't you play Santa this time and gift them a premade premium theme for their blog or website?

You'll be surprised to know the amount of professional and beautiful themes out there on Etsy for just under $30 and as low as $5.

I consider my blog's theme to be very elegant and professional, just the way I like it. And it cost me just $5, (Update: it now costs $10 as the shop owner has ended her sale)and it comes with support so if I mess anything up, I just get in touch with the owner (who made this theme) and she's always ready to help! That's my theme, by the way, it's called Orianna and was made by FearneCreativeDesign.

Update October 2017: I'm no longer using this blog template, instead I have a custom blog design which was designed by me and developed by my team member Kate.


A custom blog or website design

custom blog design

I know it's not about the money, and if finances are not a problem with you and you can afford to or want to spend a few hundred dollars on a gift for a loved one, then why not!

Depending on which platform the receiver of the gift is blogging or running their website on, a custom blog or website design can cost you anything between $100 to $1500 on Etsy

And if you find someone outside of Etsy it's around $800 on a minimum with just the development part of the website or blog, the branding, graphics, etc. are all separate and not included in that.

So if you're looking for quality at the best prices, then Etsy should always be your go-to! (Just make it your homepage xD)

If your friend or a loved one is on the blogger platform, I've seen some sellers offering custom blogger templates at an affordable price of $60 (Update: the owner is now selling this design at $85) as well.

custom blogger design

A premade blog logo

If you're wondering what a blog logo is, then it's that thing that defines your brand. You'll see a lot of people using logos instead of their own pictures on social media, better yet, logos are like icons that people can identify you or your brand with. 

For example, when I think of Etsy, I think orange with a white letter 'E' on it and that is Etsy's logo. In the long run, your friend's blog is better off having its own branding in place, that means your friend needs a blog logo, and it's time to be Santa again and gift them one they like!

You can go for a one that you think resonates with them a lot, premade logos cost around $2.5 to $150, or you can buy a custom logo listing around the price range of $50 or up and they can tell the designer what they want and how they want it.

Or buy one from me at PrettyBlogGraphics for just $10. I've got a pretty good collection of premade blog headers in my shop and if you want a custom one my pricing starts at $89 for those, feel free to get in touch for that as well :)

premade blog header

Styled stock photography

The big guys in the blogging world, yeah, they get professional photos taken, yeah, those cost a lot. And there's no way your friend as a blogger can compete with that, right?


blogger to blogger etsy gift guide

If you've not heard about it before, styled stock photography is professional photography at throwaway prices! These photos can make your friend's life as a blogger or business owner smooth and easy. 

They can also be used as social media templates, and all you have to do is find photos that a have a similar colour scheme as your friend's blog or business and they'll love this unique thing you did for them!

Styled stock photography can easily be purchased at a starting price of $10 per photo on Etsy. Or buy this bundle of 9 photos for just $15.

stock photography



These are particularly beneficial for those who run a creative business, for example, those selling printable art, tend to use mockup where they can just drag and drop their prints into professionally taken photographs and showcase their products. 

Much like stock photography but a little different. I love mockups because they help me showcase my designs to my target audience in a professional manner without having to pay for a photoshoot.

So if your friend is selling mugs on her website, then gift her some beautiful mockups, and she'll love that you put in so much effort just to help her out.

Mockups on Etsy generally start from $6 and go up depending on the product you're looking for. 

Blog Planners and Diaries

pretty diaries

Blog planners help bloggers stay organized, plan goals and keep track of everything else. Gifting your blogger friend one of these is something they'll surely be using, and it won't be a gift that gets lost in some corner either.

You have two ways to do this thing, either buy them a printable version that they can keep re-printing when they need it or purchase a beautiful diary, and they can use that as a blog planner. 
You can't go wrong with a diary as it can be used for anything that has to do with writing. I use both a printable planner and a physical diary to keep track of my work. And being given cute stationery and things I can actually use, just makes it all mean so much more.



These are images of objects clubbed together in a theme, such as fashion, food, Christmas, etc.

They're wonderful because they can be used in a lot of ways. They can be used to make social media templates, featured images for your friend's blog, etc. 

Your friend can even make items for resale with those clip arts, provided they come with a commercial use or an extended license (Just ask the seller. Usually, it's written in the description of the listed item). 

I'll give my example, I use florals to make my most of the images of my blog, featured image, Pinterest-able pictures, etc. 

Get my point?

So if your friend runs a fashion blog, buy a fashion clipart and just gift it to them, they'll find creative ways to use them, and they'll love it for sure! (Just be sure to ask the owner of the shop that you want to purchase this for a friend as a gift as a lot of the times these sets are non-transferable so they'll guide on  how to go about it.)

Digital Papers

digital papers

These are a set of 12 x 12 inch or 8 x 8 inches or 6 x 6 inches patterns, that are delivered to you for keeping. You can print them out, wrap something in them or you if your friend is a blogger, they can use them as social media templates, featured images or graphics for their blog or business.

There is such a huge variety of these on Etsy, and they're really inexpensive.

Look how beautiful this set of Christmas digital papers is at just a little over $3.

And I believe they make for a perfect gift for a blogger or creative business owner.

Blog Branding Kits

These help blogs get a brand of their own. A colour palette, fonts information, etc. they help you visualize your brand. 

They are perfect for bloggers that want to appear professional and serious with their blogs and the work they're doing. 

You can pick one you think your friend will like, or ask them to choose, and it helps them craft their own identity online.

Have a look at this Blog Branding Kit  (Update: this branding kit is now $37) I made:

blog branding kit


Not everyone can do everything, so if you know your friend is really struggling to write their "About Me" or "Hire Me" page, chances are they could use some help. 

Just gift them a copywriting service from an Etsy shop that has good reviews and let someone else handle that work.

services for copywriting

And if you're wondering what to give your non-blogger friends, then browse Etsy's Editor's Picks for great gifting ideas right now!

P.S. A lot of the times Etsy sellers don't want people to share items they bought, so make sure you tell the owner of the shop that you're looking to purchase the said item as a gift for a friend before you buy the item itself. They'll help you with the rest.

Etsy sellers till date (in my experience), have always been understanding and really welcoming to me in all purchases I've made, so be sure to clear whatever doubts you have, they're always willing to help out :)

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