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Blogger Interview - Blogger On Blogger: DIY Danielle

Published on: Saturday, 2 September 2017 ✦ Updated on: 2019-05-17T14:55:41Z

DIY Danielle featured blogger on blogger

I feel that over the years, blogger as a platform has earned a negative hype. Whenever someone thinks about starting a blog they are pressured into going the self-hosted route. It's happening in all over the internet.

And yet, I want to tell you that blogger is the most budget-friendly, affordable and dare I say on par with a self-hosted WordPress blogging platform.

While I don't have anything against the self-hosted blogging platform, I just don't like being pressured into it by being told lies like "you can't monetise a blogger blog, you don't own your content on blogger, etc.".

And the thing is these bloggers don't even realise that they're giving false information to new bloggers or those who are just thinking of setting up a blog.

This is my attempt to show you that blogger is a worthy blogging platform, it has loads of customisation options available, and for the most it's budget friendly. I hope reading this interview will help you come across the truth about blogger as a blogging platform.

I'm featuring Danielle from DIY Danielle, a proud blogger on blogger since 2011 and yes she earns from her blog and has never had issues with her blogging platform.

blogger interview danielle from diy danielle

Who is the blogger behind DIY Danielle?

DIY Danielle

This is danielle, the blogger behind DIY Danielle. She thrives on crafts, cuddles and chaos. And is a mother to three beautiful children. She has been blogging since 2011 and her blog is hosted on blogger. She loves the platform because it's easy to customise without any tech support, has worked with several brands over the course of her blogging career and loves that blogger if truly a budget-friendly blogging platform.

She loves the fact that being hosted on blogger, her blog never really crashes and how easy it is to integrate google products together.

Is your blog hosted on the blogger platform? If yes, then how long have you been blogging? And what do you blog about?

I have been hosting my DIY, sewing, and craft blog, DIY Danielle, on Blogger since I started blogging in late 2011. I briefly was on Google Pages before I realized that Blogger was a more appropriate choice.

Why did you choose blogger to be your blogging platform and do you currently earn an income from your blog? If yes, would you say it’s full-time or part-time?

I looked into both WordPress and Blogger when I was starting up, but I preferred how Blogger was setup. I have continued with Blogger because I like that the hosting is free and I'm comfortable with how much of the customization on Blogger I'm able to handle without paying tech support.

I currently earn a small income from my blog, but I earn that income while staying home with my children. This allows me a lot of flexibility. I would say that I make a part-time income, although sometimes I work a lot of hours on the blog. 

Have you worked with brands on your blog before? If yes, were they worried you’re not professional because you’re on blogger or was your blogging platform never a concern?

I've worked with several brands and I've never had issues with brands about my host. I have always been more concerned with providing quality content and value to brands than with who my host is.

Do you think it matters what platform you use for blogging? Or is it the content and value you give to your readers that attract them to your blog?

Our audiences don't see who is hosting a blog. They see the content and if the blogger is providing them with the information they need. I think the most important keys to success in blogging are SEO optimization, promoting your content, great photos, informative, accurate and authentic content, and a bit of luck.

According to you, what are some of the pros and cons of blogging on blogger?

Pro's to Blogger: Free hosting, it's easy to DIY a lot of the customization if you're somewhat familiar with HTML, the sites are secure, and they rarely (ever?) crash. I've had no issues since 2011, except for about 5 minutes this year when they appeared to be rolling out updates. I also really like Google products and I trust them. I use YouTube, Gmail, and quite a few of their other services. 

Cons: I think that if you really need to hire someone to do all your technical work, then it's easier to find tech support to hire on Wordpress. Wordpress support has become such a big business that I think there's just more people trying to capitalize on that.

I have a group of fellow Blogspot bloggers that I talk to when I am trying to customize something on my site, but occasionally I wish I had a tech support person to call up to fix everything for me when I want to throw my computer through a window.

Fortunately, I'm fairly knowledgeable about customization and there's a lot of web articles that can help guide me through changes I want to make... so I can almost always fix something after I puzzle it out a bit. And I fix it all free. 

Why do you think blogger is a better blogging platform in comparision with the other blogging platforms out there?

I can't say that one platform is "better" than another. They each offer hosting and design. Each has its own costs, pros, and cons. I have found that Blogger is the best option for me, however. When I started, I blogged for a couple years without earning an income.

Paying for hosting and eating those costs may have discouraged me from continuing to blog and I might have shut down. Because Blogger was free, I was able to explore and grow on my own schedule- no pressure.

Even though I earn money now, I have kept my expenses low which increases my net profit. I know that if I have a bad month or our entire family gets the stomach bug, I won't find myself paying out of pocket for hosting and other blog expenses. I love that if I wanted to stop blogging consistently or if I wanted to take a break, I could pay the $10/year for my domain and cut all of my additional costs, while still keeping my blog up with all the old content.

And unlike, Wordpress,org, I can still have affiliate links, advertising, and sponsored content on my blog without paying for hosting.

Is support, tech help, and customisabilty (of templates, etc.) an issue on blogger? Do you feel that your blogger blog lacks on these fronts?

For the most part, I think the customization options for Blogger are fine. I have a great template that I think makes my blog look professional.

I was able to figure out most of the customization myself. I do wish there were more people offering technical support for Blogger, but I am part of a close knit group of Blogspot bloggers who all help each other out when we run into issues. 

Is it true that you don’t own your content on a blogger blog and blogger can shut down your blog any second?

According to Blogger terms of service, I own all of my content. However, like all hosts, Blogger reserves the right to shut my blog down if I violate their terms of service. This means I can't steal other's content and post it on my blog without possible repercussions, and I believe there are some limits to what type of content I can publish.

My blog isn't about any "sensitive" topics (like pornographic materials) so I don't really see this as being an issue for me. I do backup my blog monthly to ensure that I have a hard drive backup of all my content in case there was ever an issue. I am more concerned about accidentally deleting my content than I am about Blogger shutting me down though. 

Do you think you one can’t effectively monetise a blogger blog? Is it hard to monetise a blog that’s on blogger?

Monetizing has been pretty easy. I started out with ads through Google Adsense, but I'm now using Mediavine for my advertising. I also offer sponsored posts on my blog and earn money from affiliate links.

Blogger is a very limited platform, once your blog grows, you’re going to have to shift to some other platform. Do you agree with this statement? 

I haven't found Blogger limiting at all. I have stayed with Blogger since 2011 with the idea that if I ever needed a service that Blogger didn't offer, I could switch at that time. In the meantime, I have saved a lot of money because I don't pay for hosting.

I don't see myself ever needing to switch. I publish video, photos, and detailed tutorials on my blog. I sell two books in eBook and book formats through Amazon. I have advertising on my site, offer sponsored posts, and make money as an affiliate with quite a few different companies.

Any advice for those that are just starting out their journey on the blogger platform as a new blogger?

Find a template that you love from the beginning and that offers support. Usually you can read the reviews on a template to see if others had trouble getting support on it. Once you pick your template, install it and stick with it.

If you get it all setup correctly from the beginning and don't mess with it, you'll be able to stick to the parts of blogging that are most important- content creation and monetization. I wasted a lot of time trying to find a template I liked... changing... rearranging everything. Once I finally found "the one" (template), I was able to settle in and stop focusing as much on trying to adjust that stuff.

Making small changes on a template isn't hard... but completely changing your template takes precious time that is better used elsewhere.

What's my take on this?

If you're a new blogger and blogger seems like a better option for starting your blog, go for it. You can monetise it any way you want, support is available — I'm here to help you. Blogger is not only budget friendly it's also very customisable, and now that you know that your content is your own I'm hoping some doubts about the platform have cleared up.

My friend Rebekah also offers great tech support should you need it for your blogger blog, and the best thing is that her services are really affordable.

My blog is hosted on blogger as well, and I've recently established a custom store on it for selling my services. If you would like to know all the features of the blogger platform then this post will be a good read for you. If you have any problems, I'm happy to help.

Are you a blogger on the blogger platform earning a part-time/full-time income?

If yes, then I'd love to feature you on my blog. Let's spread the word about blogger being an awesome blogging platform together! Get in touch here.

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