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Blogger Interview: Chhavi of Mrs Daaku Studio Tells You What Not To Do When Blogging

Published on: Tuesday, 22 January 2019 ✦ Updated on: 2019-10-10T19:58:29Z

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When you first start blogging, it's easy to want to crave instant gratification. You want to be earning the next day, week, or month. You want to have a lot of readers just because you're already writing your tenth blog post, and it's frustrating, to be honest.

You seem to be doing EVERYTHING yet you don't see ANY results. The future looks a bit dull to you, and you wonder how everyone else but you is making money blogging. What is it that you're missing, you wonder.

And you probably head towards Google and start typing, "How do bloggers make money?" or, "How to make money blogging?".

And then you discover, the internet is filled with blogging advice. You're happy to see free information that could help you be the next six-figure blogger. But it's not all that rosy, is it?

the shittiest piece of blogging advice - chhavi mrs daaku studio

I'm sorry to be saying this, as a blogger since 2014, I have to admit, the internet is FILLED with bad advice. And I like to categorise bad pieces of advice into two categories:

  • The first one just being BAD ADVICE. Simple.
  • The second one is tricky, it's actually not a piece of bad advice, it's just bad for you, given your circumstances and where you are in your blogging journey right now. And of course, you don't that at the moment. You will only find out about it being bad advice when you've spent a lot of time on it only to see little to no results.

And this is really the sucky part, not only will this bring your blogging morale down it will also make you question silly stuff. Silly stuff like, "Only bloggers blogging about blogging make money blogging." (sounds like a weird tongue twister, I dare you to say it as fast as you can without messing it up!)

Now how are you to even immune your blog from falling prey to this sneaky little second category of bad advice? Well, I'm here to save you.

Who will make the most out of reading this interview?

This interview was answered by a blogger who runs a blog dedicated to freelance writing and legitimate ways to make money working from home. The advice, given in this interview will obviously be beneficial to bloggers and those that are looking at blogging as a way of making money from home.

What This Interview Series Is All About

I came up with this series because I wanted you to be able to spot this second category of bad advice and not waste time on it. As simple as that. This is just the first interview of this series for blogger interviews. And I am really hoping that it helps you out. 

So, today I have Chhavi from Mrs Daaku Studio (She's a freelance writer and writes about being one and helps you to make money online from home through genuine ways. No scams here.) 

And she's going to tell you all about the five [most] shittest pieces of bad blogging advice she ever got when she started out blogging. 

  1. Blog every day - No one cares how many times you publish until what you publish is quality content.  Today, blogging is 100% about quality and not quantity.
  2. Avoid competitive niches - While on the face of it, it seems logical but I have always been drawn to niches which attract a lot of readers. I see it this way - a niche that attracts so many readers will have equal amounts of earning potential. It will take time to establish your blog, but the rewards could be high.
  3. Don't write for Google, write for the reader - Very well said. You should DEFINITELY write for readers BUT you should never ignore search engine optimization. After all, only if your blog post ranks on the first few pages, will you get the benefit of organic results.
  4. Bloggers are in competition with others - That's not true. Blogging is not a competition and other bloggers should never be seen as competition. There is enough and more for everyone in this space and networking helps every business. Blogging is no different! It is important to understand this from the beginning.
  5. Do not share everything that works for you in the blog post - I beg to differ. It is important that you help the readers achieve their goal. It is only when you help them in a certain way, will they trust you enough to visit you and buy from you.

Know More About Chhavi Agarwal

chavvi from mrs daaku studio

I am a freelance writer and a blogger at Mrs Daaku Studio. I quit my job as an attorney in 2015 and discovered the endless opportunities to work from home. Today, through my blog, I tell others how they can start working from home too and achieve financial freedom.

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