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Blogger on Blogger: Jasmine Of She Bold Stock

Published on: Tuesday, 15 January 2019 ✦ Updated on: 2019-05-17T14:55:41Z

she bold styles stock blogger interview

Is your blog hosted on the blogger platform? If yes, then how long have you been blogging?
And what do you blog about?

Yes, it's hosted by blogger, and I've been using blogger since 2012. I blog about branding, photography for creative entrepreneurs.

Why did you choose Blogger to be your blogging platform and do you currently earn an income
from your blog? If yes, would you say it’s full-time or part-time?

Blogger was the only platform I ever heard of back in 2012. I didn't have much knowledge of any other platforms at that time. Yes, I currently earn an income from my blog. Mostly part-time for now.

Have you worked with brands on your blog before? If yes, were they worried you’re not professional because you’re on Google's blogger or was your blogging platform never a concern?

Yes, I've worked with brands on my blog. I never had a problem with brands being worried about me being on blogger. As long as my write up was good and my pictures portrayed their products that's all that mattered.

Do you think it matters what platform you use for blogging? Or is it the content and value you
give to your readers that attract them to your blog?

Honestly, for me, I know. It's the content and value that speaks volumes. I've had tons of people even from other blogging platforms tell me they love my site.

According to you, what are some of the pros and cons of blogging on blogger?

For me, the pros and cons would be on coding. It's a lot of researching, and I can get lost for hours trying to find different codes that will work for my blog. However, the outcome is always the best part. I don't like the templates that come with blogger so being able to create an original template using coding makes me so happy!

Why do you think blogger is a better blogging platform in comparison with the other blogging
platforms out there?

Blogger is easier to use, simple as that. When I was working on a WordPress site for my styled stock library, I found it to be incredibly challenging and too much stuff going on especially with choosing plug-ins. I would rather go straight into my HTML and put a code in than go through WordPress, haha!

Is "support", "tech help", and customisability (of templates, etc.) an issue on blogger? Do you feel
that your blogger blog lacks on these fronts?

I feel there isn't much information out there about blogger as with WordPress and other sites, unfortunately. You really have to dive deep, and most of the articles you find are from years ago. So it's a challenge. I have found awesome blogger templates that I have been able to work off of, however. They offer a lot of tech help and support which I love.

(Editor's Note: You can find general and technical support on Google Product Forums, the official support channel. I usually hang out there so we might see each other, or seek support on Twitter by using the #gHelp and tagging blogger. You can even tag me if you like as an extra measure @thezoyathinking.

Not just that, I offer support for Blogger at $25/hour and will always be ready to help you, all you need is to get in touch with me about your request or join my facebook group here.)

Is it true that you don’t own your content on a blogger blog and blogger can shut down your blog
any second?

It's definitely possible (for them to shut down your blog). I don't play into as much because we rarely hear about it happening. For me, I try to back up my template and content ever so often just in case that ever does happen.

styled stock photography business by jasmine hunt interview

Do you think one can’t effectively monetise a blogger blog? Is it hard to monetise a blog
that’s on blogger?

I've been able to make plenty of money off of blogger. Of course, I sell digital products, so I'm not too much on affiliates and such. However, for me using the right widget or a separate site really helps me monetise my blog properly. I like to work around the system a bit!

Blogger is a very "limited" platform, once your blog grows, you’re going to have to shift to some
other platform. Do you agree with this statement? If yes/no then please give your reasons as

Blogger is very limited, but if you know how to work around some of the limitations, then it shouldn't be a problem. I'm constantly learning and trying to figure out new ways to make my blog work for me.

Even now, I'm creating a store straight on my blog that will allow me to make money straight from my blogger platform. If you aren't a fan of hard work and learning CSS then switching to another platform may be easier for you. (Editor's Note: Or you could hire me to do the design and code bits for you! At $25/hr — shameless plug. :D)

Any advice for those that are just starting out their journey on the blogger platform as a new

Get you a good blogger template. Stray away from the blogger templates that blogspot gives. If you want to look professional from the start get a good template.

I found my first one for only $15 on Etsy from Georgia Lou Studios. Her templates are the best, and the tutorials are so easy to work with. Also add value and brand yourself properly.

founder of the color u bold and she blod blogs

This is Jasmine, a proud small business owner, who does fantastic photography, and runs her small business on the blogger platform. She runs both Color U Bold and She Bold blogs, and does a terrific job at it! Learn more about her, and her mission here.

P.S. I highly recommend checking out her stock photos, I use them and just love how amazing they are, in fact, the photography used in this blog post is hers!

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