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Why Revising Old Blog Posts Is Important For Your Blog

Published on: Wednesday, 26 June 2019 ✦ Updated on: 2019-08-28T14:09:50Z

revise old blog posts for seo

When you've been blogging for a while and are finally starting to have a good number of blog posts on your blog, you'll start noticing that older blog posts that were once bringing you the most amount of traffic or were really popular are starting to fall down in search engine results page (SERP).

And this leaves you wondering, why is Google not loving my content anymore?

TAKE NOTE : Google wants to give the searcher (the person typing put an enquiry in Google) the best experience and relevant, up-to-date information because people don't want to know about what used to work six months from now. They want to know what's working NOW.

In this blog post, I'm telling you exactly how you can keep your content fresh and relevant in Google's and your reader's eyes. Step by step.

why revising blog posts is so important

How To Revise Old Blog Posts To Boost Search Engine Traffic

Now that you know Google and most search engines love fresh, relevant and up-to-date content, it's time you start working on those piles of old blog posts that haven't seen any love from you lately.

Now I know, you might have many posts and you might not even understand where to begin from and how to leverage the art of updating blog posts to see a boost in your traffic, and better search engine ranking.

01. Read your entire blog post

This step is so important, yet so undermined. Chances are, you don't actually remember everything you wrote in every blog post. And certainly not in detail. So, you need to make sure you read your blog post thoroughly.

Yes, yes, I know it's a tedious task, but it IS so worth it.

At this point, you need to keep a pen and paper handy, or whatever your preferred note-taking instrument is. I recommend having a blog binder where you organise everything about your blog. I bought mine from Amazon.

INFO : If you're buying from the US, check out these pretty binders and support a small business while you're at it.) and I love it!

Now, you need to make note of every single grammatical error or spelling error in the blog post and think of what information you can add and what you can omit. Don't actually add or omit anything in your blog post right now, just make small notes on a piece of paper or digitally, however you like.

02. Edit your blog post

Now, it's time to make use of the edits you made a note of and actually make them in your blog posts. Add content you think might be relevant to what you are writing about, anything that enhances the experience of your readers.

And make sure to omit anything that's starting to get repetitive.

This does not just apply to the text you are writing, make sure to add infographics where ever they are needed because our minds process visual content faster than written text.

03. Add appropriate supporting links

You might be wondering what I mean by this, but it just means that there will be certain phrases in your blog posts where you mention a fact which might be otherwise unknown to your reader.

For example, if you write about how horizontal stripes in a piece of cloth can make you look broader, you can give more information to your reader by actually linking this fact to another blog post, either written by you or some other authority website.

This helps your reader to know that you've actually invested time in writing about a particular topic, it helps with your credibility, and Google likes it too. Plus, your reader can read more about the topic easily if they wish to.

Everybody wins.

04. Adding links to other blog posts you've written

This one is similar to the third step but in this case, you are going to link to your own blog posts. Maybe you're writing about a topic and mentioning something related to it which you have also written about recently, or previously.

This is a great time to add the links to support what you have mentioned in the blog post you are revising.

Linking to your own blog posts like that is very organic, helps strengthen your blog's internal linking structure, gives you an SEO boost, reduces your bounce rate and helps your readers discover more content on your blog.

What to do in case you have more than a few blog posts to revise?

These are the four key steps to revising any blog post so as to start seeing a boost in your blog traffic and making sure your content remains fresh and up-to-date.

Essentially, you need to follow these four main steps. But it will become increasingly confusing if the number of blog posts you have to revise are more in number. Think more than 10, some people that have been blogging for years, and they have hundreds if not thousands of blog posts to revise.

FUN FACT : I've worked for some clients that have more than a thousand blog posts on their blog!

How does one keep track of all of that?

This is where my blog post revision guide comes really handy.

This blog post revision guide makes it super-duper-crazy easy to update your old blog posts, keep track of your updates and even improve upon your older blog posts, and the best thing? It's AFFORDABLE for the value it gives you and the time it saves you!

Blog Post Revision Guide Features

It comes in two sizes (big and normal because not everyone has the same type of handwriting and we all know that MATTERS!)

  • Limited floral edition
  • Divided into five sections for ease of use.
  • A Last-Updated Section
  • Revision Ideas section
  • Link To Section: helps you identify more opportunities for internal and outbound linking (great for SEO)
  • New Article Ideas Section:  helps you generate more article ideas on the go, while editing blog posts so that you never run out of blog post ideas.
  • Excellent for people that get new blog post ideas when they're revising old blog posts, people like myself.
  • Pink and florals RULE!
  • Saves you tonnes of time!
  • Helps you get organised and streamline your blog post revision process.

Why is this blog post revision guide printable so valuable?

I'm glad you asked! This guide is so valuable because it will save you at least 4 hours per week (that's the amount I started saving ever since I started using this printable). And like we all know, time is money. Efficient organisational systems make you productive.

You will spend less time tracking what needs to be updated and more time on producing content for your blog or business. This will help you save time and make more money by being able to make more content for your audience.

Updating old blog post becomes so easy this way, you can give this system to your VA (vistual assistant) if you so wish and rest easy knowing he/she will do a good job updating the blog post for you because you can TRUST this system.

Trust it to give you RESULTS. And make sure your content stays evergreen. Seriously, I've tried this system. And now, I'm asking you to do the same now.

TAKE NOTE : Grab your copy of the limited edition blog post revision guide in my Etsy shop that has products and services tailored especially to suit the needs of beginner bloggers, growing bloggers and full-time bloggers.

Blog Post Revision Guide for bloggers to help save time, work efficiently and easily keep track of updated blog posts. Not just that but keep record of ever signle edit made to your blog post ever! As a bonus, you even get a Trello Board Invitation.

Already tried the blog post revision guide? 

I want to know all about it, leave me a comment below telling me what you liked and what you didn't and how you think this guide can be improved! I'm always eager to hear from you so I can improve the products I provide so they bring you even more value. 


  1. updating our posts- I thought its a tough and boring job.
    Yet a few points are helpful as you say. Thank you

    1. I'm glad you found it helpful! And yes, I too used to think this way, no longer so as I have this system in place.