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Blogging Basics: What Should I Blog About?

Published on: Wednesday, 21 August 2019 ✦ Updated on: 2019-08-21T13:44:52Z

blog about what

This is such an interesting and controversial question, interesting because personally, I find this question amusing and controversial because what I'm going to tell you, other blogging "gurus" are going to get angry at me for. Or maybe call me naive.

Even the pro bloggers I am friends with, they are not going to like hearing this. But I'm sorry, I just have to say it. I have heard this question in almost all Facebook groups I am part of that are for helping new bloggers.

It usually goes like, "I want to start a blog but I have no clue what I want to blog about/write about".

And then people in the group try and brainstorm with the person asking this question on what might be the most suitable topic for this person who wants to start a blog, to blog on.

what to blog about

So what should you blog about as a new blogger?

The answer to this question is that only YOU can decide that. No one, even if they are just trying to help you should tell you what you should blog about. Not even the blogging pros. Nobody but you.


Think about why you want to start a blog? Is it because you want to leave your dreadful 9-5? Do you want to bring more income on the side doing what you love? Is it to earn an income for your family? What is it?

If you want to start earning an income, and you need it now. Then I wouldn't suggest blogging anyway because blogging is not instant gratification. You might work for 20+ hours a week and not earn a single penny. If you just want to earn an income, a part-time job is more suitable for you.

But if your goal is to earn an income doing what you LOVE, then stay.

Blogging is a big industry, it can, in due time earn you a decent income, it can make you an entrepreneur, help you help your family from the comfort of your home, it can do many things.

But blogging is not as big so as to be a career choice. You don't hear young, ambitious children and people say that they want to become a blogger. People don't think this way, most people want to start blogging so they can earn an income doing what they love and are passionate about.

And with this you have your answer, I am a firm believer of only blogging about something I am passionate about. And I recommend that you do the same.

You should blog about that one, two or any number of things that you are passionate about.

Now let me be very clear with you, this statement above is my advice to you, and it is a very controversial piece of advice. But I'm willing to say it and to say it out loud. And it's okay if I get the "glares" from the pros because of this.

Why is this advice so controversial?

This advice is conflicting and controversial because chances are that you have heard (from a blogger you admire or follow) that you should choose a "profitable" niche. That to start blogging you must define your profitable niche.

And no matter where I go, I see blogging gurus ramming this piece of advice into new bloggers like it's essential to their blogging success.

No, it's not. What is essential is that you enjoy blogging, love blogging enough to stay consistent at it and work hard for it even when you are not getting paid so that you may succeed at it.

That's it, this is the secret to a blogger's success: hard work and consistency.

If you dread writing blog posts, how will you become a blogger? If you're always procrastinating this task, then chances are you've chosen a profitable niche you don't give a damn about.

So what is a profitable niche?

A profitable niche is a micro/macro topic or genre that is almost guaranteed to bring you money as a blogger as products to promote in that particular niche are plenty and advertisers are willing to pay for it. But the term "profitable niche" in itself is a term that has an ever-expanding meaning.

What I mean by that is that I could start writing about rabbit-ear hair bands, and write about it for a long time and when the right people discover it and I start making money from my blog and tell the world about it, it could attract hundreds of marketers and this "topic" or rather niche would become a profitable niche.

When otherwise, can you even think of rabbit ear-shaped hair bands would be a thing?

This was a made-up example.

But now I want to give you a real-world example.

Do you think Darren Rowse was worried about a profitable niche when he started? No, he did what he was passionate about at that time, so let me tell you now, in blogging you have a better chance of succeeding when you are following your passion rather than a profitable niche.

Why do blogging pros tell you to choose a profitable niche?

Now, I know you're thinking I'm telling you that people that are telling you that choosing a profitable niche is one of the ways to guarantee a successful blog is wrong.

But the thing is they are not entirely wrong, the reason they tell you to define your niche repeatedly is that they have an image to maintain. They actually want to help you earn a significant income from your blog, but they don't know you or your passions.

And you're not signing up for a custom intense session with them either, so the best way to make sure that you actually end up earning from your blog is to preselect a niche that they know to be profitable and ask you to choose from that.

Then say, if you select a niche like a beauty blogger then it's pretty straight forward. You keep blogging consistently about your niche you ARE going to start earning from it with time. Most full-time bloggers I know have been blogging for at least a year.

When you become a professional blogger, you'll probably tell others about this pro's advice because hey, it worked for you.

So the intentions here are not ill. But what we fail to understand is that this little piece of advice can also kill dreams. When you tell a new blogger that no one is interested in reading about their white kitten, you essentially kill their dream of being a lifestyle blogger. Also, cats are cute.

Think of it that way, why do you follow certain influencers on Instagram? Don't they share aspects of their lives? Don't you love hearing what they are doing? Then why do you believe that no one would be interested in hearing what you are doing?

You just have to persist long enough and keep working hard and eventually, you'll build an audience. And because you won't become a professional blogger overnight, is why I recommend that you don't invest too much money into blogging right away.

I hope you now understand why I want you to blog from your heart, because if you enjoy doing it then it won't feel like work, you'll be happy doing it. And the more you'll work for it, the better your chances at exceeding at it will be. Blogging takes time, it's a thankless job at first and you need to be self-motivated. Also, did I mention CONSISTENCY is KEY.

Why I don't think you should choose a "profitable niche" for your blog

The reason I write this post is that I don't want to see another blogger blogging half-heartedly because they think that no one wants to hear them talk about that one topic they care enough to write about so they must start with a profitable niche.

This is why bloggers start thinking that anyone that is not blogging about blogging is never going to make money blogging. This is why I've seen some of my favourite (new bloggers) convert their "niche" to blogging about blogging from lifestyle, fashion, beauty and other niches. And it makes me terribly sad.

I don't want to see another blogger leave something they are passionate about to just start blogging about something they "think" will make them money because everyone else says so.

No, you do you. It's never about finding a profitable niche but, finding a community of people just as interested in what you talk or blog about as you.

What you should do instead

Find your tribe, find your people. People that care about what you care about. People that are happy to hear from you, about what you write and people that love listening and reading what you say.

Still on the fence about what you want to blog about? Sit and think, think about what you love doing, and write about that. And write every day. Because if you had to do something you don't want for the rest of your life, why even bother starting a blog to quit that dreadful 9-5? Why do this and afflict torture on yourself at all?

Blogging is best done when it's a side-hustle, meaning you are not putting yourself in a do or die situation by "If my blog doesn't start earning in the next 6 months, I'm done for." Don't do that, make it something you like to do rather than it being something that brings you stress.

P.S. I can't tell you what you should blog about, but I will say that I can help you with your journey and I want to help you. It doesn't matter if you don't have a huge budget, you can become a member of my blogging hustle group for free get unbiased advice straight from me.

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