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Custom Logo Design: Our Good Life

Published on: Monday, 19 August 2019 ✦ Updated on: 2019-08-19T10:55:10Z

our good life custom logo design

This month I was approached by Terri who runs and operates her blog. She had a DIY logo she made herself but felt as though she could do more and needed a professional touch.

We began by working through a series of references, and I had her pin them all in a secret Pinterest board we were both collaborating on.

Hand-painted watercolour florals

colour palette + logo

After a few rounds of revision, I knew exactly the kind of floral watercolour logo she wanted.

She spoke to me about loving the reds and peach hues.

As someone who loves to do watercolour and illustration, I got my supplies out and hand-painted this custom floral bouquet that she really liked.


feminine land floral logo design

The logo uses Cormorant Garamond; a stylish and luxurious font in red hues. I really wanted to use a very elegant and stylish font that had a luxurious aesthetic.

Fun Fact : This was actually not the first choice of font, it was not a choice at all! Terri wanted a script-like font. But when I presented this version as an addition, she was impressed and selected this font. The font compliments the floral elements and overall feel of the logo design.

Want something like this?

I offer custom logo designs in my shop and they are also available on Etsy. Liked the logo design, make sure to comment about in the comments section below and share it with your friends! 

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