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Princess Hairstyles: Brand Identity

Published on: Saturday, 3 August 2019 ✦ Updated on: 2019-08-04T08:56:35Z

princess hairstyles brand identity

In the second month of 2019, I got the pleasure of working with an absolutely fantastic blogger who helps young girls feel like a princess. With more than 900 published blog posts, she's truly a master at what she does.

She wanted an overall fresh look, clean code and an SEO friendly design that was feminine and reflected her style.

I was tasked with creating:

  • A brand board
  • A brand palette
  • Social media templates
  • Web design
  • Web development

I don't usually provide SEO audits as part of the branding package. However, it just felt needed as she was quite concerned about her SEO. I have also suggested her a great book about SEO for bloggers on the blogger platform (although it is suitable for SEO awareness in general).

I also decided to give her an extensive SEO checklist to help her improve her SEO as she writes her blog posts.

princess hairstyles moodboard

Our Vision for the Brand

Feminine and elegant was the look I wanted to achieve for her brand. We wanted to incorporate some of the elements from our inspiration sources, which were influenced by the Pinterest mood board made for the same.

Fun Fact : When you work with me on a brand identity package, we start with Pinterest, gathering everything that inspires you in one board. It's a fun process and helps you get a clear understanding of what your inclination is when it comes to your brand's identity.

As you'll notice, I incorporated custom floral patterns and a distinctively feminine header and logo.

brand palette princess hairstyles

The Typography

The nature of the website and the tagline of the blog, "Hairstyles for princesses of all ages and places", I thought it only natural to deviate from the use of corporate and in-trend fonts.

I used one of my favourite font combinations, Cinzel Decorative and to complement the font, I used Fauna One. It is a perfect combination and looks fantastic together.

TIP : A good designer will never shy away from using fonts that may not be "in-trend" but fit perfectly with the clients' brand.

The good part, both these fonts are available for free download via Google fonts — something that was explicitly requested by the Client. Plus, they load super fast on websites.

Our Vision for the Website

We wanted to come up with something, feminine, girly, and pink as Kori (the client) just seemed to admire the hue, and well pink lovers, raise your hand!

Since her blog is about hairstyles, I knew from the get-go that a featured slider would be amazing. In fact, it would be perfect because it would showcase some beautiful hairstyle tutorials that visitors and readers could explore.

The latest blog posts that update dynamically come right after.

The sidebar really is an essential addition to just about any website as it contains just about enough information to keep the reader engaged and hooked. It helps bring attention to what's most important for a blog, I was aiming for simplicity and feminity.

I came up with two designs for the website for her to finalise. And this is the one that she chose.

final web design for princess hairstyles

The Social Media Presence

As most bloggers will know and agree, a social media presence is vital for bloggers. Not only to showcase their standing and authority but also to connect and engage with their audience.

Working with my signature branding package, all your social media channels are covered. I made templates for her, in the platform of her choice, that is PicMonkey so she can alter her templates if she so chooses.

We wanted to make sure that the templates match with the overall brand and with each other without feeling like there was no diversity between designs.

The social media channels that were covered under the package were:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram 
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube 

pinterest templates for princess hairstyles

Kori let me know that YouTube templates were crucial, and although not part of the initial package, I was happy to oblige. Sometimes, clients will remember something at the end, and designers must understand that.

facebook and instagram templates for princess hairstyles

Looking up at her YouTube, I knew why it was important to her, with over 917K subscribers, it was only natural. 

Although I like to make sure of things before moving on to the next part, sometimes it is just unavoidable.

youtube social media templates for princess hairstyles

princess hairstyles twitter templates


Kori's main concern has been her website's search rankings. As I mentioned before that she decided to go for an SEO audit to understand her website's standing in Google and extensive checklist she could follow.

The checklist provided has more than 10 factors being considered. Along with that, I suggested Kor reads this book. It is written with bloggers on blogger in mind, AND it is great for learning more about SEO in general as well. 

The conclusion

Overall, Kori was quite happy with how her brand turned out and how it has come to life. She said she loved the design and was very happy with it. 

Brand Identity Development

For an iconic brand experience, a signature brand identity development package that covers it all. Brand design, Website design and development, and social media branding.

Have any questions before you decide to purchase, need anything customised? The package is very versatile and can be tailored to your needs so please feel free to ask by getting in touch.

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