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Blogging FAQs: Is Email Marketing Really That Important For New Bloggers?

Published on: Tuesday, 3 September 2019 ✦ Updated on: 2019-09-04T12:28:41Z

do you need email marketing as a new blogger

When you've just embarked on your blogging journey, you probably hear a lot of things.  And at least once, I believe you must have heard that e-mail lists are gold mines for bloggers.

Now, the problem with all the information available out there on the internet is that ultimately, you don't know whether or not it applies to you. And instead of finding out after a long time of trying, wouldn't it be better if someone just told you what applies to you according to the stage you are at in your blogging journey?

I can't tell you about it enough times, but when I started my very first blog in late 2014, I didn't know ANYTHING. I was a total NOOB.

And I made so many mistakes. I tried so many strategies for the first year most of which didn't work; and it wasn't because the strategies were terrible, it was because I tried to them when I had no knowledge of the order of things when it came to blogging.

1.5 years into my blogging journey, I was not only overwhelmed, but I was also entirely burnt out. I wanted to give it up, blogging didn't feel fun anymore, it was becoming a task I was starting to dread a little.

And now I know why. I collected all this information reading blog posts from bloggers about blogging and was applying it to my blog without fail for so long that I had a list of 10-15 blogging and related tasks to do every day on top of my studies. Talk about being dumb.

So fellow bloggers, don't make the same mistakes I did. Don't do EVERYTHING at once.

is email marketing good for new bloggers?

Moving on to the subject at hand, and without wasting time I'll just say it. I don't think new bloggers should worry too much about e-mail marketing. There, I said it.

I know, somewhere in the world an email marketer is frowning when I give new bloggers this advice, but I just want to say this; it's not that e-mail marketing is not important, I never said that. It's just that there are more important tasks for you to do each day for your blog at the moment.

Allow me to explain it better.

Why I believe new bloggers need not bother with email marketing

Being a new blogger means you've just set-up your blog and have a few posts up OR you are earning anywhere from $0-$500/per month as a blogger.

I give this limit because it makes it easier to define a new blogger this way. It could be that you're blogging for years but haven't made this much income from blogging too and in that case, you could consider yourself a part of this advice as well.

Now, I'm writing this blog post for bloggers. And so I'm going to assume that most of your revenue comes from the following streams:

  • Showing advertisements
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsored posts
  • Reviewing products

I know bloggers do earn by selling their own products, but I'm not going to include it in this profile because that is something bloggers do when they are at an advanced stage in blogging. All bloggers that you see that are selling their products like hotcakes right now, they're probably not new bloggers, and even if they seem to have a new blog they are probably NOT first-timers.

Most new bloggers will hit the $500/month mark only by the (mentioned above) four streams of income. Blogging regularly (at least 2-5 times a week) and by increasing their blog traffic.

TIP : If you're a blogger who is earning anywhere from $0-$500/month I offer a Facebook support group especially for you! It's to help encourage you, motivate you and provide you with no fluff advice that works. It's free and you can join it here

In my blog consultations and coaching I have noticed that the majority of new bloggers don't know how to gradually build up their blog, they will not go from A to B but try to jump from A-Z. Which often ends in nothing but frustration and thoughts like, "only bloggers that blog about blogging make money".

I genuinely believe that new bloggers should focus on things such as SEO, blogging regularly and site monetisation first and building a community (e-mail list) later.

Why I believe new bloggers don't benefit as much from e-mail marketing

Having been a new blogger once, I know what is and isn't going to bring you the most ROI (return on investment) as a new blogger.

And I don't just mean financial ROI, I also mean the amount of time you invest in writing out to your e-mail list will not bring as much ROI when you're a new blogger. 

See, when you're a new blogger, your focus should be on building your blog traffic, and blogging regularly and to some extent branding yourself (having a nice theme, a logo and blog header that people can start recognising your brand)

I also know that most new bloggers are working with a limited budget. Depending upon the blogging platform you may have chosen you've already invested in your blog and it is yet to earn you something. 

TIP : I wrote a blog post about starting and maintaining a blog that costs you $0/year and why it's a good idea to not start with an initial investment in this blog post.

And guess what, it will cost you more to start an email list too.

What it costs to maintain an e-mail list

Yes, it costs to maintain an email list. First, you'll need am email marketing service provider. 

Some of the most common ones are:

After either hitting the free limit you'll need to upgrade, or if you go with a service like ConvertKit you'll have to pay right when you start using their service.

And then it will cost you to either rent a PO Box or a virtual address where you can receive snail mails that can then be forwarded to your real address.

All of these costs add up and could easily go over $100/year. And when you are not sure whether you will earn this money back in a few months, it's pretty much a gamble.

Do you actually know how to make your email list profitable?

This is a good one, trust me. 

I see many new bloggers starting an email list, with everything set-up and then go onto facebook groups and say:

Hey I just started an email list, it would be great if you can give a few tips on how to grow and profits from my list. I've heard, it's where the money's at. TIA!"

This means that you don't really know what goes into making an e-mail list profitable yet you've invested in it. That would be like me (who knows nothing about trading but I know it can make people money) so I invest my savings in it anyway and hope that I will make it back in some time.

Let me be clear, I'm not trying to bash you, I'm just trying to let you know that if you don't fully understand something, then it's worth waiting on it till you understand it better and feel confident in it. 

The upkeep of an email list requires sending email newsletters regularly that your audience enjoys but can't wait to open every week or so, from you. And then you need to have lead magnets, and tripwires and funnels set-up that can help you monetise your email list.

So you're saying you haven't monetised your blog properly yet, and you want to start tackling a whole new project called email marketing, no wonder juggling all that will burn you out. 

Nurturing your e-mail list takes time and effort, just like nurturing your blog does. And now at this stage when you're building your blog, and you start building an e-mail list as well you'll be putting in double the time you were before, and yet you will probably not see enough ROI at the start. 


Because the first few years of blogging are usually the hardest! 

You're investing all this time but not seeing much result because Google is just getting to know you, you're starting to learn a lot of things like how you're the admin of your blog, the editor, the marketer, the content writer, the graphic designer and so much more.

And most bloggers will start their blog as a hide-hustle, that MEANS you only have a set number of hour(s) each day to get the MOST important tasks done.

And this is exactly why, I want you to leave the less important task for you right now, for later.

Notice I say, "less important right now" because email marketing IS important, just not at this point in your blogging journey.

When is it the right time to start an email list/ email marketing?

I value transparency and honesty. And I want to give you advice in a way it is most beneficial to you. I don't want to encourage you to invest in anything before the time is right. And with blogging, timing yourself right is crucial.

You don't want to run out of funds before your blog becomes self-sustainable or even profitable.

Having said that, I believe that the right time to get started with e-mail marketing is when your blog is bringing in $100/month.

The reason I say that is because this amount is enough to cover your blog expenses for the next year in most cases and the rest you can invest in e-mail marketing upkeep costs. Hopefully, even save some bucks depending on where you live, and what your responsibilities are.

Anytime before that and you may overwork yourself, invest too much and not be able to afford the costs of blog upkeep for the next year.

Of course, everyone's situation is different. And the amount they are investing is different from person to person. I started my blog for free and am still on a free platform, and yes, I do monetise it. And no, I don't plan to change it anytime soon.

Some XYZ blogging coach recommends getting started with e-mail marketing right away, how do I know what advice to take?

I know a lot of coaches recommend getting your hands and feet wet with e-mail marketing right after you set up your blog. But I don't. Also, I'm not a coach; I do however, provide blogging consults. And help advise on what platform may be the best for your needs.

If you like, you can set-up your 60-minute blog consultation session with me for just $75 here.

There are a lot of reasons why people recommend email marketing, some are purely for the affiliate commission they will make and some because they actually see a lot of good results with it.

But I think it's necessary to understand that none of the coaches or bloggers that you are following is in the same stage in their business or blog as you. What is beneficial to them may not be beneficial for you right away or ever.

I write for bloggers that are new and struggling. If you want to learn about blogging in a systemised and structured way that it takes the burden and overwhelm of blogging away from you, then my blog and content are for YOU.

By doing this, I'm trying to help you take things on one at a time and ensuring you can stay blogging for longer and have more chances to succeed.

It is up to you to decide, at the end of the day, whose advice makes more sense to you and will help you more and you are free to adopt any methodology you like.

I hope that this blog post has helped you a little, if not a lot and will help you make smart decisions in your blogging journey.

If you like my content, feel free to subscribe to my blog posts so that you receive them directly in your inbox. Or you have some suggestions, or comments and feedback or even a question you'd like to ask, make sure you do so in the comments below.

I'd love to hear what you think about the subject!

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