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Small Business Spotlight: How This Business Owner Drives Traffic And Sales To Her Business Website

Published on: Wednesday, 4 December 2019 ✦ Updated on: 2019-12-04T09:39:32Z

how sarah uses twitter for her business

Here, at Balkeni Studio Sarah Skilton has contributed to an interview before, she's an amazing, lovely and strong woman. She runs her small business store Adventure Accessories - gifts for outdoors. She's very active on Twitter and has found her success through the platform.

Today, she'll be answering some questions about how you too can make use of Twitter to help your business or blog.

how to use twitter for your blog or business


Hi Sarah, welcome back to Balkeni Studio Small Business Spotlight interviews. Can you tell everyone a little bit more about yourself and what you do?


I created Adventure Accessories in 2018 when I changed direction in life. I took voluntary redundancy to care full time for my youngest son when he was diagnosed with an extremely rare and aggressive cancer in 2016 aged 14. My crafts were and still are part of my therapy after I had a breakdown in 2017. My small business is an escape, a therapy and a something good to come from a nightmare that we still fight every day since he relapsed in September 2017.


So we know you're quite active on Twitter, a social media platform that most don't rave about, especially in comparison to Pinterest. When did you start with Twitter and Why?


I actually created my Twitter account in 2013. A first I found it a confusing platform as I had no idea what the difference was between @ and # and how you used them in your tweets. However, you quickly get the hang of the platform and I love Twitter. It is by far my favourite social media platform to use. Why? Twitter is like a live rolling news service about everything that is going on in the world in real time. It is a window to world news, politics or even silly hashtag games. You can connect and chat with users all over the world even if you don’t follow each other.


You mentioned that twitter drives 48% of your traffic, can you tell us more about the strategies you used and how long it took you to get there?


As I already had an established Twitter account it hasn’t taken me long to grow my following as my new business Adventure Accessories. What has helped drive traffic is taking part in Twitter Chat hours. Each chat has a specific hashtag. You use that # in each of your tweets and everyone taking part in the chat can see and respond. There are literally hundreds of chat hours taking part all the time, but I made a hand infographic of my favourite ones to take part in.


Do you see a good ratio of return on investment as a small business owner on Twitter, do you think it's worth it?


Absolutely to drive 48% of my traffic and for this figure to be constant is a valuable investment. In comparison I have 44.8k monthly unique viewers on Pinterest but it only accounts for 5% of my website traffic. Yet I only have 7.3k followers on Twitter but 48% of traffic plus numerous sales as a result of Twitter chats and as a result of such high engagement from I have a Twitter reach of 1.7 million.


If someone was just starting out on Twitter, what advice would you give them?


Engage with other users, chat and use hashtags, but only max of 3 hashtags per tweet. It is not like Instagram. Less is more. Like and re tweet other users tweets. Take part in chat hours. A particular user will be the host and they will help you if you are not sure what to do. Each chat has its own rules but they are generally fairly laid back. Create an account and have a go.


Do you think anyone can drive about that much traffic from Twitter as you do? If yes, then what should they focus on when promoting on twitter? And why did you choose Twitter or other platforms?


It is all about what you put in. At one point Twitter only accounted for about 12% of my traffic, but I have grown to 48% mostly from Twitter chats. Chats usually last an hour and I tend to take part in at least one a day, so I am on Twitter for at least one hour every day, but usually more going through and responding to my notifications. Follow the 80/20 rule. Spend 80% of the time engaging, offering advice and sharing other people’s content, the 20% promote you own content. You will then get the same in return.

Look at the trending hashtags and take part in those that are relevant to you, this will increase your exposure and reach greatly.

I love Twitter because you get to chat in real time to people all over the world. Twitter helps you to create links and networks with other business owners, especially in your niche, don’t see each other as competition, but rather, you are help and support for each other.

I would describe Facebook as a business to customer focus whereas Twitter generally is more business-to-business.

Author Bio

sarah skilton adventure accessories

Sarah Skilton is the owner of Adventure Accessories, created in 2018, a successful creative handmade business based in Carmarthenshire, South Wales. Combining a passion for adventure with a love of crafts, Adventure Accessories creates unique handcrafted, fun and functional, gifts for outdoor enthusiasts. You can follow Sarah on social media Facebook, Twitter Instagram and Pinterest.

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