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How To Remove Month And Date From Blogger URL in Blog Posts

Published on: Thursday, 20 February 2020 ✦ Updated on: 2020-02-21T15:46:32Z

how to remove month and date from blogger blog post url

I was requested to do a post about removing dates from blogger blog posts. Being a fan of the blogger platform I decided to do a bit of digging. And the good new is, it's possible. The other news is that there is a bit of a catch as blogger otherwise does not let you remove or change the permalink structure.

change url structure in blogger blog posts

WARNING : The code used in this method was neither created nor tested by Balkeni Studio. You may not hold us liable for any harm that comes from using third-party code.

To remove the date structure from URL of your blogger blog posts:

  • Copy this script and click Theme

  • Then click Edit HTML
  • Click anywhere on the code in your template once, and then press CTRL+F or Command + F (for Mac users) and type in "</head>" and press enter.
  • Paste the code you copied earlier right above the tag "</head>".
  • That's it and you are done.

INFO : There is a catch that I noticed in using this code, when you do internal linking from one blog post to another, it flashes a 404 error page before redirecting to the actual page and correcting the URL. I am not sure how this affects ranking or what Google crawlers think of it.

I know many bloggers want to remove the structure of blogger links, but if that's truly the case, why not start with WordPress itself? 

Personally, I don't wish to change my link structure, I'm happy with the way it is, and I don't wish to change it because I don't think it affects SEO that much. Google is smart and cares for content and user-experience. 

Which only means this neither breaks or makes my SEO. However it was fun to see if there was something available that helps this particular case. 

INFO : Another thing I'd like to point out is that if you've been blogging for a while, changing your link structure without proper redirects being set can affect your rankings in a negative way. It's just something to keep in mind.

If you don't have much clue about redirects, or SEO then it's best to hire help professionally than to risk losing all your hard work and paying someone more to do the clean-up of the mess you've made. 

I hope this tutorial has helped you, and you've learned something from it. I'll be adding another post concerning SEO, and URL structures in the future so that I can help my audience better understand what works and what doesn't. 

Feel free to share this tutorial with your friends if needed, save it, and/or request for another tutorial or blog post if you like. Alternatively, if you've enjoyed this post please consider donating to help me keep this blog up and running smoothly.

If you have any feedback or comments, I'd love to read and respond to them all in the comments section below.

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