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Blogger Troubleshooting: Can't Comment on Blogger Blogs Using Safari Browser

Published on: Thursday, 30 April 2020 ✦ Updated on: 2020-04-30T03:30:04Z

can't comment on blogger blogs using safari

Many people have been bringing the issue of being unable to comment on blogger blogs using the Safari browser. If you've been having this issue, you're about to hear some good news.

There are many bloggers who wrote to me highlighting this issue, and since I experienced it too recently (after upgrading my Macbook) I just had to dig deeper into it.

This issue is fixable and you're going to learn exactly how to fix this issue in this post.

can't comment on blogger blogs using safari

01. Clear Browser cache and Cookies

The first step is to clear out your browser cache and cookies.

NOTE : This will log you out of all websites you are currently logged into. Please make sure you have all passwords stored somewhere or you remember them!

When I mention Tab, I mean the set of options that look like this:


  • Open your Safari browser
  • In the tab click on Develop > Empty Cache
  • Then Click on Safari > Preferences > Privacy > Manage Website Data > Remove All

You've successfully managed to empty cache and cookies, check to see if your comments are working now. If they are still not working, continue to step 2.

02. Disable Safari Extensions

Sometimes extensions can cause conflict on websites. You'll need to check if any of your extensions on Safari are causing this:

  • Click on the Safari tab > Preferences > Extensions
  • Now disable each extension one at a time and see if the comments work. 
  • Once you've repeated this step for all your extensions you'll know if the extensions were causing this issue, if you still can't comment on blogger blogs  then you can turn your extensions on again and move onto the 3rd step.

03. Enable Cookies and Cross-Site Tracking

If none of the above steps have helped then:

  • Click on Safari > Preference > Privacy
  • Make sure that Block cookies is unchecked.
  • Make sure that Prevent cross site-tracking is unchecked.
This should definitely help solve the issue once and for all!

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