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How Balkeni Studio Is Encouraging Affordable and DIY Design

Published on: Sunday, 12 April 2020 ✦ Updated on: 2020-04-12T16:00:02Z

contributing to Canva for affordable and diy design

Here at Balkeni Studio, I want to make sure I encourage people to learn, grow and become the best versions of themselves. Obviously, I want to impact as many people as possible.

An year ago, I made the decision to work with small business, solopreneurs, and creatives. To help them brand their business and blog online instead of going after the big clients. I did this, because I like supporting small ventures with big hearts.

I like working with heart-centred businesses, not for-profit ones. Ones that want to genuinely help their customers. As I've served clients with all kinds of budgets, I realised, so many more could benefit from my work as a designer if only it was more affordable.

Till date, this has been the biggest challenge to my business. I don't wish to compromise on the quality, and there is only so many clients I can help at a given time.

And let's not forget bloggers and creatives who simply cannot afford my services at the moment. I still wish to help them.

becoming a Canva contributor

After brainstorming for quite some months, I was finally able to take the plunge. I'm offering more and more of my designs, graphics, and more on Canva!

Working with clients over the course of 4 years I have made note of one thing repeatedly, you guys dig Canva. It's understandable, because it's free and lets you design easy.

So, to make design and branding more affordable for you guys, Balkeni Studio will now be contributing to Canva. This will include images, graphics, clipart, designs and templates.

Why Canva for Affordability

Canva is free, you can't go over budget with something that's free. Canva has premium elements you can use in a design for $1. Imagine, an endless supply of quality graphics from Balkeni to you at $1. If that isn't a STEAL, I don't know what is.

I actually just feel so amazing about offering this to you guys because I know for a fact that this will encourage you to DIY your design, do it better and make branding your blog online an easy task for you.

As I add more DIY design tutorials on the blog, I hope my Canva graphics and templates will help you. You will still be able to purchase all design elements from my Etsy and the Balkeni shop in inclusion to Canva.

Why I'm Doing This

As I already mentioned, it means the world to me to help YOU. Every single blogger that I can drive towards success, makes me feel like I'm making a difference in that person's world. There's nothing more satisfying than seeing my clients happy because it's working for them.

And you know what I hate?

 I love your work, and I know I need this, I just wish I was able to afford this..."
- Every new blogger on a small budget ever.

So, this is my solution to your branding on a budget needs. I've done most of the brand work for you. All you need to do is make it your own, encourage yourself to be creative and watch your brand flourish.

I hope you'll love this Easter surprise.

If you like the content I create, and it has benefitted you in anyway, please consider donating. The thing is, blogging IS hard-work. I put in hours of work in each tutorial I write here, and tons of research into bringing quality information.

I don't push one-size-fits-all into the work I do, also this blog is powered by pizzas, coffee and fruit cream. That's expensive. Help me keep up the good work by supporting my work.

Alternatively, you can add my blog to your reading list, or sign-up to receive all my posts in your inbox. You can even request a blog post or tutorial you really want to see on the blog.

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