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Discover: The Premade Responsive Blogger Template - Amanda Bankson

Published on: Sunday, 3 May 2020 ✦ Updated on: 2020-05-03T07:55:37Z

Discover Amanda Bankson

A responsive blogger template lifestyle bloggers

Discover our premade responsive blogger template that will brand your blog online without burning a whole into your pocket. Offers a premade colour palette, typography (custom fonts)and a theme built in to reflect your brand style.

Colour #ffc4c4
Colour #767a63
Colour #455464
Colour #f8eadd
Sorts Mill Goudy
Premade Blogger Template
- Three-level-menu
- Stylised widgets
- Custom typography
- Premium blog header
- Well documented
- Responsive theme
- Customisable colours
All sales on digital products are final, unless you purchased two of the same kind.
Theme FAQ's
Do you offer installation?
Yes, we do. All you need to do is get in touch and I will install the template on your blog for you.
My images are not aligning properly.
For images to appear exactly like they do in the demo they need to be 1200px wide and set to original size and centred. If your images are smaller, the template will adapt as long as they are set to original size and centred.
Are the read more breaks automatic?
No. You need to add them in manually by adding the page break option from the blogger post editor.
Is this template SEO-friendly?
Yes! All our templates are SEO-friendly.
Do you offer support?
Yes! We offer lifetime support for problems in the theme. If you need customisations, those cost extra.
Can I resell these templates to my own clients?
You may purchase this template to build an individual client's site but you may not remove the credits. They need to stay intact. You may not claim our work as yours.
Can I purchase this template elsewhere?
You can purchase the template directly from this post without any worries. Or via our shop.
What do I do if I want some customisations?
Please get in touch with us, customisations usually cost $5-$15.
Do you offer any other perks?
Yes! if you have a template from our shop, all our other services come with a 50% discount. You can explore our services here.
Can I see a list of detailed features and information?
You can view the more information, including a live demo of the theme in the shop.

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