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Is it possible to monetise a blogger blog?

Published on: Wednesday, 23 September 2020 ✦ Updated on: 2020-09-23T14:26:34Z

monetising a blogger blog

When you are considering starting a blog with Google's Blogger platform, it can be scary if someone tells you that blogger is not a good blogging platform, one of the most common reasons cited is not being able to monetise your blogger blog effectively or at all

And so, I've decided to help you understand why the statement above is not true. You can have a blog on blogger and you can monetise it effectively and even to great lengths. It's no different from having a blog on any other blogging platform.

I have been blogging on blogger for a bit over 4 years at the time of writing this blog post, I do earn from my blog. And my blog along with my work is the only job I have ever had. I've not worked a traditional 9-5 a day in my life, I do however work 8 hours a day usually.

I'm here to prove to you that it's not only possible to run a blog successfully on blogger but also your entire business if you know what you're doing. But more on that in a moment, let's first learn why blogging on blogger does not affect your ability to be able to earn from your blog.

can you monetise a blogger blog?

How do bloggers actually earn an income from their content?

I've actually given you a bit of a spoiler already. Bloggers earn from their content. Most bloggers that earn an income from their blog do so by mainly the following streams of monetisation:

  • Advertising using an ad network or selling direct ad spaces on their blog.
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling services/products
  • Paid sponsorships/Brand sponsorships 
  • Donations 

Now that you know how bloggers actually earn from their blog, you should be able to assess why blogger and how lets you incorporate all these forms of monetisation.

Blogger terms of use and content policy are simple, they do not state that they own any content you create on their platform or limit your use of their platform in a way that you would not be able to use these mentioned streams of monetisation.

Now, my question is, do you still feel it's not possible to monetise a blogger blog? I run this blog on blogger, I have been able to monetise it using all mentioned streams of monetisations. And it's not just me, there are other bloggers on blogger who make a part-time and/or full-time income from their blogs.

In my 4 years of working with bloggers on the blogger platform I've seen them all being able to monetise their blogs, in fact, I believe that they do have somewhat of an advantage, you know. And I'd like to prove my point, so here we go.

Why bloggers on blogger may have an advantage over other bloggers who use different blogging platforms?

It all really comes down to how Blogger is made and who owns it and how it is a free to use platform. This is where you can really see how much of an edge you get if you use Google's Blogger platform. 

Let me explain more about this:

  • Out-of-the-box blogger is SEO friendly, with means to be able to make it even more so. You can add meta tags, custom robots tag and enable meta descriptions and so much more. It's easy and most of it is just a few clicks away, not very complicated. 
  • Blogger is free. This makes it a great choice not only for those on a budget but even those that do not have budget constraints. Whether you are a new blogger or a more experienced one, blogger is a platform which allows you to host your blog for free forever. It doesn't matter how many visitors you get - which on other platforms cost you, the more you have the more you pay. And the best part about having a free platform is that you can invest your budget into other things like a premium blogger theme that makes your blog look more professional, or a logo — the same money you would have given away to your blog host if you were on another platform.
  • You can easily integrate AdSense into your blogger blog. In fact, there is an earnings tab that tells you if your blog qualifies for AdSense if it does you can sign up with a few clicks, it's easy and you can start earning a passive income right away if you have enough audience on your blog.
  • Blogger is affordable. Custom services and tech support for blogger is usually more affordable than for other platforms. I offer tech support and services for the blogger platform, and it is quite affordable. If you're new and can't afford to pay, you can join my Facebook groups for free help or help based on a donation. It's all about building a loving and nurturing community where you don't have to feel guilty, bad or ashamed of not having a budget and wanting help. We don't judge. All bloggers are welcome.
  • Blogger is simple and easy to use. It's straightforward. You can create pages and you can create posts, you can categories them and a lot of it is drag and drop. The rest is just clicking of buttons here and there. Support is available through the official support forum, or you can even get in touch with me (I'm a product expert who volunteers in the official support forum too.) And if all else fails just write about it in the comments section of this post and hopefully I'll have a resolution for you.

These are just some of the advantages of blogging on blogger. I feel the community over at blogger is really good. Personally, for me, I've made long-lasting connections with many of my clients and the people in my Facebook groups, I regularly connect with them and everyone takes care of each other. 

I value honesty and transparency, leading a heart-centred business is important to me. And at the core of it all is actually helping bloggers and keeping things affordable around here.

I know you may still be feeling a bit apprehensive or hesitant even when it comes to choosing your blogging platform, you may have heard things like blogger isn't customisable, or it lacks plugins and more. I'd like to address some of these fears that make you feel like you're missing out.

What are the most common myths attached to the blogger platform?

Let's start by discussing some blogger myths that you may have read everywhere but are actually not true:

  • Blogger owns the content you create: No, that's not true. As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog post, blogger's terms of service and content policy never indicate that they own the content you create.
  • Blogger does not have plugins: That's true. But the thing is, blogger is made differently and does not need plugins. It uses widgets and you can code in any custom functionality you might need on your blog. Personally, I have custom features and codes added in that help me make click-to-tweet sections, tables, buttons and more. You could have them installed on your blog too, I offer these as part of my services and they are usually a one-time setup. Moving forward, you just have to copy and paste code snippets in your blog posts. I've helped clients add star ratings, Facebook like buttons, recipe indexes and more.
  • Customisation options are limited: This used to be true because bloggers gives you only a handful of templates to choose from. And without coding knowledge, it was quite limited what you could make your blog do. But now, you can choose from a variety of blogger templates that are fast, SEO-optimised, and look beautiful on all devices as they are responsive. The best part, they are very affordable! 
  • Blogger templates are not optimised for SEO: SEO is a vast topic, to think a template can help you get a Google Page #1 rank shows in of itself your lack of SEO knowledge. There are many on-page, off-page and technical aspects of SEO and they keep changing apart from some basic ones. My own line of blogger templates are SEO-optimised to the point they can be. My clients do report an increase in traffic after using one of my templates but I believe most of it is to do with a good code-structure and the design of the templates that make them look professional. Many people have commented on the fact that you can no longer tell the difference between a blog designed on blogger or any other platform because of how customisable the nature of the blogger platform is!
  • You can't sell your products on Blogger or have your own store: Back in the early 2000s the options were truly limited, but now, you can sell directly on your blogger blog. Physical or digital products. Even your own services, for that matter and it's one of the most affordable ways to sell online through your blogger blog. If you don't like this solution you can even use other solutions like blogger shop set-up that I offer to my clients. It's a shop hosted on a blogger blog, managed and maintained by you. I offer free training, advice and consultation if you opt for this package. If you want to see a demo of the blogger shop and what yours could look like, have a look at Balkeni Studio's Blogger Shop. It's customisable and you can choose from a range of designs and costs only a one-time setup fee instead of a monthly recurring fee!
  • Blogger is old and can be shut down any minute by Google: Blogger is old, but as of late it has received many a complete revamp, a mobile responsive structure and many new changes. I would doubt Google wants to shut it down after it is spending so much time re-vamping things around. But in the scenario, years later, if Google decides to shut it down, I'm sure it will give us options to migrate our data and enough time to do so as well. Companies and products are shut down and abandoned all the time, but I don't think its time yet for blogger as the community here is thriving.
Now, let's get back at the question we bean with. Is it possible to monetise your blogger blog? I believe knowing what you know now, you should already know the answer, but let me make it clearer for you.

Can you actually monetise a blogger blog?

Yes, yes you can! And you'll have the tools available to do so as well. I've mentioned many resources here that can help you get started and effectively monetise your blogger blog. The beauty of starting on blogger is that you can experiment with it. 

Just start and find out if blogging really is your thing, I feel it's a great option for bloggers and service-based entrepreneurs. The best thing is, it's free so you won't have to feel like you're running out of budget and everything is so costly. You won't feel money holding you back from making your dreams a reality. 

And the best thing? Your blogger blog can grow with you. Once you get how things work around the blogosphere, and your blog starts to grow you can invest back in it, you can start to sell your own products, services and more.

As a web designer, blogger is my platform of choice for bloggers and service-based entrepreneurs. I feel it accomplishes everything one may need to run a successful blog or freelance business.  


Well, you already know its more than possible to monetise a blogger blog and now you also know why you should start a blog on blogger. I really think you should be able to make an informed choice that isn't influenced by someone wanting to make money off of you but backed by actual advice.

And now in case you do decide to blog on blogger I'd love for you to get in touch with me and hopefully join my community

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