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Solved: Blogger Keeps Creating DIV tags in all my blog posts

Published on: Wednesday, 16 September 2020 ✦ Updated on: 2021-10-10T01:15:53Z

Blogger (blogspot) keeps adding div tags in my post problem solved

Over the years bloggers on blogger have always had a bit of a tough time. They've complained that the HTML section of the post adds some many extra "<div>" tags to their blog posts. In my time using blogger, I have also seen this happen to my own posts sometimes and If I didn't write and format my posts correctly, the HTML quickly becomes a mess.

Recently blogger came out with a new update, this introduces a new system that blogger never had before and it does tackle the problem of blogger generating extra "<div>" tags every single time in blog posts when a line break was added, or when a new paragraph was created.

I'll talk to you about the new system in a bit and what it means for blogger going forward but for now, I'm happy to report that I'm no longer facing the DIV problem anymore where it just creates an endless stream of div tags in the HTML mode of my post.

blogger div tags problem solved

So why was it a problem?

When Blogger adds extra div tags in blog posts it creates unnecessary HTML in said blog posts, this can cause your blog posts to sometimes behave in an unusual manner when it comes to the formatting of the post. The main problem that bloggers were encountering was that these extra div tags were creating problems with Mediavine; a premium ad network. And when ad revenues drop, it becomes a source of panic, worry and in some cases complete overwhelm

I regularly tell my clients and other bloggers on blogger to share all bugs, glitches and problems directly with the blogger team by using the feedback button. It's a question mark icon, next to your blogger account image in the blogger dashboard on the top-right corner. At the time of writing this post, it's actually the third icon from the top-right.

This small act makes sure blogger is free from glitches and you get the best blogging experience on blogger. 

How was this problem solved?

Well, blogger announced some updates this month. These updates involved the introduction of a new updated way of generating HTML in blog posts, including <p> (paragraph) tags. When you start using <p> tags, you won't notice anymore casual div tags in your posts and if you're still using the old way blogger generates HTML for blog posts, then pressing shift+enter on your keyboard will create a <br> (line break) tag for you without any extra HTML getting generated in your blog posts.

How to toggle between the old blog post HTML and new HTML generation?

It's quite simple, and like most other things in blogger, you can do so with just a small click in your blog post editor. Once you're in the blog post editor, you'll see a handful of icons that allow you to edit and format your blog posts. 

They look like this.

blog post editor icons in blogger

You'll see this image says Paragraph, in your case, it might say either of these two:

  • Paragraph (new HTML generation)
  • Normal (Old HTML generation)

Just make sure to set whichever mode you prefer before you start writing your blog posts in your blogger blog.

And that's it, you're done. 

I hope this blog post has helped you understand your blogger blog better and will help you use your blogger blog in a more efficient way. I hope this post will also solve any of your Mediavine ad displaying problems in your blogger blog.

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