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When Is The Right Time To Start Monetising Your Blog

Published on: Monday, 22 March 2021 ✦ Updated on: 2021-03-27T19:47:26Z

when should I monetise my blog?

I know the feeling of starting a blog and wanting to make a living from this new baby of yours. I know you want it to be successful and I know it brings you joy to work on it either every single day or at least when you have free time. 

And I want you to be a successful blogger, someone who makes a good part-time and/or full-time income from their blog. As new bloggers, you'll soon understand that in the blogging world there is no such thing as instant gratification, and with intense competition each year the road gets just a little tougher every single time. 

Don't worry though, I don't say these things to make you feel like you'll never make it, I would rather tell you the truth from the get go. I want you to be prepared for the hard work, and I don't want you to feel that you will start making money the minute you start your blog. With that said, I've been receiving a lot of emails about the "right time" to start monetising a blog.

The ideal time to start monetising a blog

My personal advice for this would be to not wait for a later time, when you finally get around to monetising your blog. This is also the advice I usually give to most of my blog coaching clients. I understand why some bloggers, and coaches feel like it's better to wait for around "x" number of sessions or visits monthly before you monetise but I feel, if your blog is able to get accepted into affiliate programs or be approved for showing ads then you should just go ahead with it. 

When should you start preparing to monetise your new blog?

Sure you won't see a lot of money rolling in, but the small amounts you do see will benefit you.


Because it will motivate you! It will help you to keep blogging, and help you believe that this goal or dream that you have can be turned into a reality. I see so many bloggers calling it quits after an year, because they never earned anything from their blog. And honestly, I feel sad for them. I feel sad for every blogger out there who has had to quit simply because they couldn't afford to blog anymore and were not earning from their blog anyway.

And to be completely honest with you right now, I hate it when that happens. You see, I love blogging. I've been in love with blogging since late 2014 when I hadn't even started this blog. When I used to blog about all the random happenings in my college life... I liked blogging so much, I decided to not take up a job, to study design and development which I'd never done before and then in 2016, I launched this blog. 

I want to make sure you will be able to blog long enough to start making an income out of it, but do you know you're leaving a few bucks here and there on the table when you don't monetise your blog from the get go? And that seeing those few extra dollars, or whatever currency is used where you are can really help motivate you be consistent and keep working hard? Not to mention you can use the extra cash for investing in your blog at a later date. 

I remember when I first made my first $100 blogging, it was not a huge amount but it made sure that I didn't quit, it motivated me. And as a blogger, self-motivation will help keep you going in the first few years of your blogging journey where you'll probably only be making a part-time income. 

I'm in my 5th year with this blog at the time of writing this blog post, and my blog helps me bring in clients every single month that help me run my small home-based business. I'm so thankful for it. I don't monetise too aggressively on this blog, as I don't want you to have a bad experience reading content on my blog, so I politely ask for donations to help fund this blog

So, if your blog has a decent amount of content on it I suggest you apply for Adsense, and affiliate programs to start making an income, no matter what the amount is right away. Another reason I like the monetise early method is because when you monetise early you won't have to go back to old posts (one less task to do) to update them all with affiliate links all the time.

Wondering how to monetise your blog?

Generally speaking, most bloggers will monetise their blog in the following way:

  • Advertisements 
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsored posts 
  • Selling a service or a product 
  • Donations 

As you may have already guessed it, for Balkeni Studio, I sell my services and products as my main income bringer. Apart from this, you'll see me monetise this blog with a few advertisements and a bit of affiliate marketing (I'm picky with this as I only want to recommend something I use and really like). But as advertisements and affiliate marketing on this blog is negligible, I rely on donations to help fund the blog.

Depending on your blog and what your aim with it is, you'll be relying on these methods to monetise your blog. I'll be writing on these means of monetisations in depth in an upcoming blog post, so you might want to subscribe to the blog to receive these blog posts directly in your inbox. 

Let's be inbox buddies!

Want to fast track your blog's growth?

The best way to quickly learn all the ins-and-outs in the blogging world is to learn from someone whose already been doing it for quite some time. I've been a blogger for quite some time and have helped many bloggers go from $0 to $500 per month. You can choose a one-on-one coaching package from me or a more affordable solution ($50/year membership) depending on where you are on your journey.

get personalised help and go from $0 to $500/month blogging

I hope this blog post has helped you and you've enjoyed reading it. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave them down in the comments section below. Oh and help support this blog by funding it if you've liked the content. I put in hours ever month to bring you lots of freebies, advice, tutorials and tips. 

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I hope that you've benefitted from this blog post as I've written it from my experience and with lots of love. You can request a tutorial or a blog post that you'd like to read about from me in the future here.

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