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Free iPhone/Smartphone Wallpaper: July Edition

Published on: Tuesday, 6 July 2021 ✦ Updated on: 2021-10-10T01:28:48Z

iphone july wallpaper free feminine elegant

This month's free phone wallpaper is here! When I first started making free wallpapers earlier this year, it was just a way to offer more to my audience, something they would enjoy perhaps. Now, I love making them every month, it's really nice to be able to offer these to you guys for use on your gadgets. 

free feminine wallpapers for july from balkeni studio

Don't forget to tag me @balkenistudio and show how you're using yours!

ipad july feminine wallpaper

This month, I wanted to stick to my loves. The earthy tones, browns, and neutrals. Something about these colours feels like me. Feels like home. I hope you'll love this month's wallpaper based on these brilliant colours! 

They are chic, sure to uplift your spirits and make you feel calm.

desktop july feminine romantic wallpaper

This time, I spent a few more hours carefully planning, so this set of feminine July wallpapers for your gadgets includes two sets, a dated one and an undated one. You can use them based on your preference.

Before I explain more about why this set is different than most wallpapers I've made till now. Grab your free phone wallpaper now:

IMPORTANT : These wallpapers whether the free version or the purchased set is/are only for your personal use, any commercial use is prohibited. Also, please be nice and don't claim my work as your own.

And finally, coming back to the wallpaper set for this month, here's what you'll get:

  • Two versions of the same wallpaper - one dated and one undated
  • A total of 12 JPG/PNG Files
  • Two wallpapers for each gadget - phone, tablet and desktop

This wallpaper set is available to our premium members for free, for others, this set costs $3.00 USD in the shop. If you've ever donated to the Balkeni Studio and become a supporter, you'll get the dated versions for all gadgets of this month's wallpapers for free.

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