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    About Me

    Want to know my story?

    About Me

    My Name is Zera Zoya, and I created Balkeni Studio as an outlet for my passion for writing and design. Overall, I'm a creative being. And I love helping new bloggers find a direction and build their successful blogs right from the start.
    I want to provide encouragement to new bloggers and bloggers that may have been struggling to make an income with their blog. Blogging is both my passion and a big part of my work. I hope to be able to inspire you through my journey and help you with things I've learned while blogging for more than 5 years.
    Through my blog, I plan to help all my readers in crafting a strategic and profitable blog that your readers will love.


    As a child I was always fond of reading books, yes, even the academic ones, so it made sense to take an academic route in my life. I did my Bachelor's in Political Science and then moved on to complete my post graduation in Journalism and Mass Communication. It made sense for me as I loved to write and even interned as a content writer.
    After having discovered blogging while I was still pursuing my graduation, I quickly took to it and just fell in love. Why? Because I've always loved writing!

    My Journey As A Blogger

    We started off by offering high-quality work even for those that were on a budget, or frankly couldn't afford more. We plan on doing more of that by keeping our prices as affordable as possible without compromising the quality.

    What's been added to the list of goals is unbiased blogging and a entrepreneurial education through our blog so that we may help our audience understand concepts that they've been struggling with and equip them with the means to monetise their passions, build their lives and be a heart-centered business and/or blog too. In short, we want to help make and serve people with visions that help others, not just themselves.

    Embracing Creativity And Design

    I loved to draw as a toddler, I wasn't very good at it but still loved it. Growing up put a full-stop to that hobby. After finishing my post graduation, I had two choices. I would either work as a content writer and have a 9-5 job or pursue a hobby I had all over again and work from home. I decided on the latter.

    It's also why the studio is dedicated to debunk most common myths and superstitions in the blogging and creative industry.

    The Birth Of Zoya And Designs (Now known as Balkeni Studio)

    Well, we are passionate about helping YOU make a difference. If you're a creative entrepreneur, you know how much you're in love with what you do. And we love helping businesses and bloggers that want to make a difference in this world.

    We don't just get you, we've got you. We have your back and we want to see you succeed. This is exactly why offer a range of services that help bloggers and business owners put their best foot forward.

    Life As A Creative Entrepreneur

    It isn't all rainbows and sunshine, running your own business. I've made mistakes that have cost me monetary losses, invested in resources that were not worth the amount invested.

    And to be honest, it has been a learning curve. But I have loved everything running my own business has taught me. And I hope to use that knowledge to help you as well.
    Most of my days are spent at home, working in my pyjamas and enjoying my time with me pets. But what makes me the happiest is that I get to impact people's lives and encourage them to make something out of their passions. I love helping my clients establish their online presence, and it gives me much satisfaction as I help others in their journey towards doing something they love.

    My Hobbies and Passions

    When I'm not working, you'll find me pouring out my heart into my hobbies and some other passions. Mostly, I'll be reading a book, listening to music, dancing awkwardly, and updating my lifestyle blog.

    As a person of faith and an over all sensitive being, I like the notions of sustainable, cruelty-free, eco-friendly zero-waste living. It's such a challenge to do these things in India, but I'm trying and finding more ways of achieving these things daily as I expand my knowledge on the subject.

    My Ultimate Dream

    I hope to inspire and transform the lives of many people. Help them become more aware of the oppurtunities around them, how they can benefit from said oppurtunities and most importantly, help them make an income and living from their passions.

    I wish that I'll be able to help stay-at-home moms, women that really would like to pursue their hobbies and turn them into a small business that helps them support their lives.

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