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    Balkeni Studio has been dedicated to helping bloggers all over the world make a living through their blog. Our blogging platform of choice? Google's blogger platform. So we decided to build a library for our audience, with tutorials, exclusive content, freebies and more to help them succeed at blogging, especially if they are on Google's blogger platform.


    • Blogging 101

      We love helping bloggers and are passionate about blogging ourselves. We love creating content and helping you with your blogging journey. You'll get the 101 on blogging in our exclusive library and 24/7 accesss to me, your coach. I've been blogging, designing and developing blogs for 5 years now, if it's about blogging, I know it.
    • Blogger Tutorials

      I was once called the "blogger" whisperer by a client! I love making themes, tutorials, and guides that you can follow. You'll find many of them on the blog, but guess what? There's even more of them available exclusively to my members. Let's take your blogger blog to the next level.
    • Monetisation 101

      Every single time I ask a new blogger what their monetisation plan is, they come up blank. You don't need to be one of them! Start brainstorming your monetisation plan now! I have many resources available for the same for my lovely members.
    • Branding and Design

      Good design is good business. If you want to look like a pro, you gotta do what a pro does. Professional bloggers know the power of branding and the authority and credibility it brings to a personal brand. You'll get tutorials, tips and of course free resources for doing the same in the members vault.
    • Everything From The shop

      I decided something really crazy. I'm adding most products from my shop to the members vault, for FREE. *Mic Drop* even the best sellers. Yup. And the ones not one the vault for free usually have upto 50% OFF discounts for my members.
    • 1:1 Consultation

      Most coaches will NEVER do this. But I'm not most coaches. I offer all my members a private messaging system so they can pick my brain about anything and everything in their own time.
    You deserve a blog that is more professional and less just put together. One, that doesn't burn a hole in your wallet.

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    A supporter is worth a thousand followers. And I'm so happy you're willing to put your faith in me. Supporters only pay a one-time donation.

    There are no recurring costs involved. You can support once, twice or whenever you like it. As a supporter you'll get:

  • Free Wallpapers Every Month ($3.00 Value)
  • Access to exclusive content and tutorials
  • Up to 30% OFF all products in my shop
  • Up to 15% OFF all services offered.
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    As a member you're one of my VIPs. You get all my love and attention, including:

  • Everything a Supporter gets
  • Most products in my shop are available to your for free.
  • Lots of exclusive content that is only available to members
  • Copy/Paste Tutorials for your blogger blog
  • Unlimited access to me. Never pay for consultation again. Bounce your ideas off of me, and I'll help you discover the best way to do so.
  • What does it cost?
    We've got two options. You can pay once and become a supporter (pay whatever you want) and whenever you want. Or you can become a member and pay $50.00 USD per year to become my biz bff and get even more perks.
    Who is this membership for?
    This membership is geared towards bloggers. If you're not making an income from your blog yet, this membership is for you. If you're a new blogger this membership is for you and if you're a blogger on blogger, this membership is for you!
    Why is this membership so cheap?
    Can you believe this is the most frequently asked question? As I mentioned, this membership is geared towards bloggers on a budget, people who aren't making an income or are making very little from their blog. I want to help you change that. Hence, I've kept the prices incredibly low so that blogging does not come with a "expensive" tag attached for you.
    I'm a firm believer in working towards ones dreams and goals. Even if you have no budget, everyone deserves a chance. This could be yours. Hence I don't want to charge you the sun, stars and moon.
    Got more questions?
    Get in touch with me here.