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    Our Mission

    At Balkeni Studio, it is my mission to empower bloggers and creative individuals to make informed choices when it comes to branding themselves online and establishing their online identity. I produce high-quality, credible tutorials and blog posts to help you do just that using my expertise. I value honesty and transparency and care deeply about helping YOU succeed. I also, believe sharing is caring and so it is my mission to help as many bloggers, and creative individuals as possible.

    Why does it matter?

    I believe honesty and transparency are some of the core values of any heart-centred business and/or blogger. And I also understand that so many businesses out there are not. I want to provide you with real information, give you proper choices and tools to really help you achieve what you want to achieve in your blog/business. I don't just cater to audiences that have a budget, but also those that are new and could really use help because I believe in nurturing heart-centred businesses and blogs.

    Why donate?

    Remember how I said I want to help people? I do this through the blog and my services. While the services do help me keep the good work up, they don't compensate for the time spent developing tutorials, and blog posts filled with information for you. I like to drink coffee while I write for the blog and those are expensive too.

    How it helps this studio help you

    Every time you choose to donate, I am not only thankful but over the moon and on cloud nine knowing that you care about this mission and are a heart-centred business/blog yourself. Truly! But, by showing your support you enable me to keep making blog posts, tutorials and content that can help so many creatives and bloggers that don't have the budget to hire a coach, or are just starting out and could really use some help. So thank you, for not just helping enable me but also other creators, you're a dream saver!

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