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    The Studio

    Want to know our story?

    Our History

    Formerly known as Zoya And Designs. Started in April 2015 with a mission to help bloggers brand themselves online on a budget.

    In 2019, Zoya And Designs had lived out its mission to full capacity by by helping bloggers not only by branding them on a budget but by also educating them about the blogosphere. But Zoya And Designs was evolving into something more than branding bloggers and educating them about it. And I knew it was time to change.

    The Birth Of Balkeni Studio

    In Q1 of 2019, Zoya and Designs successfully rebranded to Balkeni Studio to become even more heart-centered than before and focusing more on the audience and their needs instead of being a profit-driven business In doing so, Balkeni Studio became more focused on branding and design solutions for bloggers and now, even creative entrepreneurs.

    The Aim

    We started off by offering high-quality work even for those that were on a budget, or frankly couldn't afford more. We plan on doing more of that by keeping our prices as affordable as possible without compromising the quality.

    What's been added to the list of goals is unbiased blogging and a entrepreneurial education through our blog so that we may help our audience understand concepts that they've been struggling with and equip them with the means to monetise their passions, build their lives and be a heart-entered business and/or blog too. In short, we want to help make and serve people with visions that help others, not just themselves.

    The Values

    Honesty and transparency. These are the values that come attached with everything the studio does. The goals is to provide knowledge that is credible and help you on your journey. It is what encourages the studio to design and develop the way that it does.

    It's also why the studio is dedicated to debunk most common myths and superstitions in the blogging and creative industry.

    Why Balkeni Studio?

    Well, we are passionate about helping YOU make a difference. If you're a creative entrepreneur, you know how much you're in love with what you do. And we love helping businesses and bloggers that want to make a difference in this world.

    We don't just get you, we've got you. We have your back and we want to see you succeed. This is exactly why offer a range of services that help bloggers and business owners put their best foot forward.

    What is Balkeni Studio?

    A creative home-based studio dedicated to making the lives of bloggers, and creative individuals easier by offering an iconic branding and design experience for your audience.

    At Balkeni Studio, it is our belief that a good user interface and branded visuals make for rememberable user experience for your audience.
    That's where we help, by making your brand remarkable so that no matter who your competition is, it is you that your audience remembers.

    How we can help

    Apart from he range of services offered, and the shop that's dedicated to help you advance your blogging career or creative business, the studio offers a blog for you to read and hone in your skills. We actively take requests for topics you might want to read on about, or tutorials you might want to read. We'll be happy to hear from you!

    How You Can Help

    The first way you can make us really proud of what we are trying to achieve is by succeeding in your creative journey. The second way is by helping us financially. You can choose to make a small donation if you've liked the work we do our the way we do it, if a blog post has helped you etc. It really means a lot to us! And the third way, is to help us spread word about what we're trying to do, share what you think will benefit a friend, follow us on social media, interact with us, and be a friend, y'know?

    Let's Work Together